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SuperstachesIllustration, Print Design f699ad365b359878fd6e8e8f2ff673fa


Misc. Illustration

Famous characters rendered a bit more classy…

Prints and other items available at http://society6.com/LocustYears

Lion IllustrationApparel Design, Illustration Lions

Lion Illustration

Lion Illustration for T-shirt Design

Volcano Album Cover ArtIllustration, Print Design volcano

Volcano Album Cover Art

Illustration and design for Volcano‘s Marching Through Time Album Cover Art

Deathstar2-D2Apparel Design, Illustration r2death


T-shirt Illustration
What the rebels should have done with those stolen plans…

T-shirts available here

Posters available here

Captain ‘Jolly’ RogersApparel Design, Illustration captain-feature

Captain ‘Jolly’ Rogers

Captain ‘Jolly’ Rogers T-shirt Design

T-shirts, Prints and other items available here.

Skeleman – Skeletor with He-man’s haircutApparel Design, Illustration dribskull

Skeleman – Skeletor with He-man’s haircut

Skelehair Prints, T-shirt and Other Items available here: http://society6.com/LocustYears/Skeman_Print 

Heman Hoodie Prints, T-shirts and Other Items available here: http://society6.com/LocustYears/He-Man-Hoodie_Print

Revolution Short Film PosterPrint Design RevolutionPoster2

Revolution Short Film Poster

More info about this film on IMDB.


Snake ConeApparel Design, Illustration, Print Design snake

Snake Cone

Snake Cone

Up for voting at Design by Humans

Prints, T-shirts and other items available here


Casualties of WarsApparel Design, Illustration hands

Casualties of Wars

Casualties of Wars

Prints, T-shirts, and other items available here

The ReturnApparel Design, Illustration hand

The Return

The Return! T-Shirt Illustration

Up for voting at Threadless

zombie-wakeupApparel Design, Illustration zombies


 T-shirt Illustration

Sound the TrumpetsApparel Design, Illustration, Typography sttrumps

Sound the Trumpets

Sound the Trumpets!

New T-shirt Design for Olan Rogers Apparel.

Available at OlanRogersApparel.com

Swanson’s Hand-Carved FlutesApparel Design, Illustration, Typography swanson-fluteswp

Swanson’s Hand-Carved Flutes

 T-shirt Illustration

Carving flutes for the followers of Zorp…


Wire MethodApparel Design, Typography Wire Method

Wire Method

 T-shirt design for a band called Wire Method

AcronycalApparel Design, Illustration, Typography acromike1


T-Shirt Illustrations for Acronycal band.


All Carnage!Apparel Design, Illustration, Typography ript-pillowman

All Carnage!

T-Shirt Illustration

Inspired by the show Community.

CommonsIllustration, Print Design hiphops



The Status – So This is ProgressPrint Design status-progess

The Status – So This is Progress

Album Cover Design & Digital Illustration for The Status album – “so this is progress”.

The Status Tour PosterIllustration, Print Design brolll

The Status Tour Poster

Print Design

Tour poster for The Status and Barely Blind.